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Adventure 1

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Hi everyone,


New to the forum but been a casual airsofter for a few years.


Looking for a new addition to the G3 and was wondering if anyone has any experience with Adventure 1 in Glasgow? Had a look around for reviews but can't see anything airsoft related.

Any experience with aftersales for gun issues etc?


Thanks for any thoughts

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Belated BUMP, but I'd avoid.


The front line staff are nice, but it's owned by a sardonic goblin who lurks in the stock attic and bawls them out if they spend any time talking to customers, even when the store is empty.  Seems he'd rather have them doing nothing than building customer relations.


Stocking is patchy and the prices in store can be higher than the ones advertised online.  When questioned, the Attic Goblin will go off on one about not having to to pay the postage, so what's your problem, eh?


Aftersales is a case of whether Mr Goblin feels like making one attempt at a fix, then if it's still dropping mags or misfeeding, that's owner abuse, that is.


I'd like to support my local store because the sales staff do try their best, but they're not cheap and they don't appear to offer much in return for that premium.

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