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Changing / Upgrading Ares Amoeba Green EFCS / ECU

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No idea if anyone has experience but currently have an AM008 / Upgraded all the internals the only thing is i just don't want to fry the current chip (green) on it.


I've always used 7.4 lipos wanted to go up a bit more so thinking about changing it to the current one (blue) so i can go up to 11.1


Has anyone experienced changing or upgrading theirs?

If so:

  1. Is it easy to change
  2. Worth the change
  3. Should i just sell it and get something better

I know ares in general get some flak with their EFCS stuff but i love the bloody thing :wacko:

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There are plenty of Clips on youtube about stripping and rebuilding the gearbox and its not that tricky.


I'm a big believer of if it ain't broke don't fix it so would say if its running ok then why change it!


If you love it then keep it. I know they get flak but I have the AM-013 and I love that. Its been well and truly tried and tested and I'm more than happy with its performance and reliability.

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