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Magazine Fitment Solutions

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Is there any modifications I can do to help mags seat and fit better and make better contact with the hop up?

Is there any lower receivers I can change to that have better compatibility than my current one?


I have a G&P M4 V5 and I have intermittent feeding issues.

I can physically hear the mags come away from the hop up and disengage.


So far I have tried sticking velcro to the narrow slot of the receiver, inside the magwell, that the back of the magazine uses to slide in. It's helped dramatically but it does sometimes come away and it's already rather tight fitting.


I've also thought about sticking plastic to the top of the magazine catch inserts on the magazine so that the magazine catch catches lower and so the magazine sits higher.


Maybe changing to an extended magazine catch of some kind or adding material to the top of my current one?



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Have you tried different mags? Airsoft tolerances are pretty variable - a different brand of mags might fit perfectly.

I have tried a few.

Mid cap wise:





It's just that it isn't making good enough contact with the hop up unit sometimes to feed properly.

I'm looking at new receivers that I might have better luck with.

Eyeing up the VLTOR receivers atm.

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