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Limiting a full-auto gun to semi-auto

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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Hi all,


I'm having an issue at the moment that I thought someone more tech-y might be able to shed some light on. I've recently picked up an Action Custom Stirling, thinking it might be fairly decent for a lightweight CQB setup. The only problem is that it doesn't have a semi-auto setting. Much like the ASG Sten, it's locked to full-auto, which makes it unsuitable for a lot of indoor areas.


So my question is, does anyone know of a way to limit a gun like this to semi-auto firing?


(I have a Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 plug-in MOSFET, used mainly for adding sniper delay to my DMR, but it doesn't seem to play nicely with the Stirling. It programs fine, but then reverts to its default burst mode as soon as the trigger is pulled. It may be that I'm programming it incorrectly, so if anyone has any experience with this unit and knows the setting to get rid of full-auto then that would be really helpful. The online guide isn't particularly clear and none of the youtube videos seem to cover it.)


Any help would be much appreciated.


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Cor yeah it is a bit of a head f*ck to say the least


and you will need a good few to get it about right-ish or go to setting 15 - reset default settings

which tbh I strongly suggest you do any way.....


I had a "fun" time hard wired method though in a no semi HC05 DSG FireHawk

yes it does work but the insane 40+ rof meant timings were great for a while usually - still the odd double fire but c'mon half stroking double fire 40+ it was asking for some critical timings - yeah kinda worked but soon as battery depleted a bit semi didn't always fire 101% but got the odd pre-cocking now & then which increased as voltage lowered etc.....


The important thing is to not pull trigger for about 5 secs or until led goes out


I'll have a read of manual and see if I can figure it out a bit coz I think there was 3 settings I messed with...


edit - think it was settings 2 3 & 7 (7 had to go quite high due to very high rof even though I told the sod 1 shot only)


I don't think I used setting 11 but I know I screwed it up about 3 or 4 times - yup that's good...

then I plugged another battery in, pulled trigger too quick and lost it all again or ballsed it right up - aaaarrggghhhhhh

hence I remember the reset - 15 option very well


hope that helps a tiny bit



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Thanks for the tips, it certainly is a pain in the arse. I've spent a good few hours today with different guns and batteries trying to make this thing work, but it just isn't happening. The closest I've got is a two round burst for the first trigger pull after programming, which then reverts back to normal full-auto. Even step-by-step following the very clear AirsoftGITV videos, what's happening on my end is completely different. All the lights and vibrations happen fine, but after that I might as well not have it plugged in.


I've also just managed to get a single shot - double shot - single shot thing going on as well, which has confused me.


Do you remember what the reset code is? I don't see on the guide where it actually says, just the bit under 15 about what the result looks like. Maybe I'm having bad results because I'm piling codes on top of other codes without resetting in between.



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it is code 15 for sure I reckon you need to go for that first


the 1 shot 2 shot 1 shot thing might be #7 - it is to do with timings of cycle

eg a very fast gun like a dsg needed about 17 or 18 to cut out quickly


I'll try to find more crap/info if you need it but enter programming the cycle to option 15 for reset


the joy I had:




yup setting 2 & 7 it says - maybe I didn't touch another setting - thought it was 3 settings but according to that post it was just 2 settings


if gun isn't running stupidly quick then you should be ok for a little while as volts drop a bit

but as I said the volts & C rating were a bit critical on that mofo - soon as it altered a bit or a 25c instead of 30c the semi started to play up but again 40rps is f*cking mental - I can't even get close to getting just one shot off on my own

hoooooooooossssssseeeee - sorry m8 it is supposed to semi in cqb - its the gun's fault honest


edit - it probably was 3 settings, I altered the full auto delay thingy I'm sure - not much just a tad

sure I altered it a bit to single shot - keep holding then 4 secs from 3 sec or something = hoooossseeeee

yeah sure I altered it - ah maybe I tried it ballsed it up then reset it on #15

and got semi working with a long timing thingy of 18 or so in setting #7 and left it...

who knows - I think my son ballsed it up when plugging in another lipo a while back so have left the poxy thing

(one of my projects to replace the no semi dsg with a shs one instead - wot a poxy stupid gun)

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Thanks muchly. I'm starting to understand this thing a little more. I can now consistently get the 1-2-1 pattern with no full auto afterwards, but no joy on keeping it at single. Did you alter the spring advance under #7, or just the sensitivity? I stuck sensitivity up to 19 and can't see any effect.


The fun thing is that even if I do figure this out, I've still got the problem of nowhere to put it in the gun. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it :lol:

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#7 was the sensitivity coz you need to adjust the timings that would be greatly different on a high cycle dsg


When you perform a reset - #15 it should go back to a 3rnd burst with a delay of about 1 sec for full auto

So that is what you need to do first


Once you got a 3 rnd burst going then it should be a straight forward altering the burst to your own custom 1 rnd burst

you probably won't need to alter much else


Now - SOME features may not be available in the "plug n play" mode but think this might mainly be the "flick" option and maybe a couple of other features when you tap trigger and it does the 3/5/7 rnd burst with just a tap/release of trigger etc.....


So you MUST reset the thing first coz it sounds like it isn't programmed correctly to me


Get used to it working as a 3rnd burst for a few minutes - you may need to keep trigger held down in plug n play mode - this is a guess coz I'm not the expert on all program mosfets - still think most of the crap is just a gimmick tbh


Anyway - get used to it working on 3rnd burst and all that before you reprogram it

THEN adjust the burst down to 1


what might be happening is you spamming the trigger whilst it is doing a sequence and unit getting well confused...

Voltage could play a part if using different batteries - and also ensure all plugs are good, though it has debounce, a loose tamiya could cause problems


As I said, reset - get 3rnd burst, get used to 3rnd & how it operates, then drop the burst rate


the only real options you "might" need to alter is the full auto delay time & maybe the sensitivity if using higher juice perhaps like 11.1v


There is no doubt these program mosfets require you to a PhD is nuclear fusion & space exploration....

More insane than trying to understand the new Sony "stupid piece of $hit"


Gate Merf 3.2 has some other led's on it but the manual still requires a gallon of strong coffee studying "A level wtf coding"

OK maybe a bit ott, but it takes quite a bit of getting used to


Reset the thing, get the thing on 3 rnd burst, it should work "as is" and get used to it & how it functions first

It might be faulty, but until you reset it you won't know if it is hardware/programming/user error

not saying you are the problem but it might be setup or using it incorrectly if you understand


think they have stopped the website - not sure if they are still going tbh as info/manuals are not available from their home page

they still might have a FB page or it is one of their distributors:



it is clever - but jeeez it could be a lot more easier & user friendly ffs

luckily the reset feature is a blessing for us mere mortals who balls it up often when trying to get our dumb ar$e human heads around it all


best of luck

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I think I might have reached as good as I can hope for!


#15 Reset

#2 Burst to 1

#7 Sensitivity to 18

#7 Spring advance on


It still fires 1-2-1, but thanks to the spring advance the rate of fire it slow enough for me to tap the trigger and make those 2s into 1s. Been at this for ages and I don't think it's getting any better! Now I've just got to fit the thing in the gun somehow...


Thanks muchly for your help, wouldn't have understood any of that page without it! Makes me wish you could just plug it into a PC via USB and set everything as you want it that way :rolleyes:

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An avacado burst might have been less of a headache with less bells n whistles but it is a bit larger unit and not in the same league due to it not be a mosfet


I feel your pain with th hc05 not having semi too but we will buy these toy guns on a whim

still glad I could help if only a little, happy shooting

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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