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In-land airsofter


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I am looking for a an aeg charger for both deans and Tamiya , that wint burn my house down and can charge multiple batteries within 1 hour, anyone got any suggestions ? (budget is £100). Thanks very much.

Kind regards,

In-land Airsofter.



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4 x genuine B6's


8 x clone B6's


Oops you don't want your house burnt

4 x Genuine I-Max B6's if you wish

Could buy a mofo charger & balancer

But if that goes tits up that is a few batteries not getting charged if you put all your eggs in one basket

Or lipo's on one charger....


Plus one can be charging 11.1v

Another charging 7.4v

A third charging nimah's

Fourth one charging LiFe batteries....

Like to see a super mofo charger do the above in one go

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