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  1. In-land airsofter

    Which courier to send rifs?

    do you have to declare to the counter that it is an airsoft gun or imitation firearm or can you just say its a toy ?
  2. In-land airsofter

    Posting Airsoft guns

    Hi guys I have recently sold my pistol and unfortunately the buyer lives at the other end of the country so I have no choice but to ship it. So I was wondering if people could give me any help or advice about shipping guns, UK mainland, anything to watch out for, couriers to use etc. Kind regards, Jimbo
  3. In-land airsofter

    WTB: M4 midcaps and AK midcpas


    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Hi guys looking to buy some M4 and AK midcaps. I'm open to any brand or suggestion as well as condition, but would prefer only metal AK mags. I would like to pay in the region of £40 but will hear any trades or offers especially bulk deals. Above are just some photos for refrences. Cheers, Inland Airsofter.


  4. In-land airsofter

    EARMOR M32 arc rail adapters.

    Thanks very much for all the help bud.
  5. In-land airsofter

    EARMOR M32 arc rail adapters.

    Thanks mate that helps a lot, nearly spent best part of £60 on the Earmor adapters. Would you mind linking me to a pair of the FMA unity tactical repro adapters is possible please mate.?
  6. In-land airsofter

    EARMOR M32 arc rail adapters.

    agh shame, thanks for the help mate.
  7. In-land airsofter

    EARMOR M32 arc rail adapters.

    Just wondering if anyone knew if you needed specific arc rail adapters for the EARMOR M32 headset or if any ones such as the FMA rail adapters will work? As always any links or help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. In-land airsofter

    Small Helmets

    Cheers mate. Thanks very much, I'll have a look now.
  9. In-land airsofter

    Small Helmets

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows of any particular brand or model of helmet that caters towards those with smaller heads? I don't mind if its a mitch 2000, fast helmet or airframe etc just after a lid that would fit a size ~54 . Now I appreciate that no helmet is going to fit perfectly but every lid I have looked at seems to aim more at people with bigger heads, anyway any links or suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jimbo
  10. In-land airsofter

    LCT ak74 Skeleton/wire stock HELP!

    Wondering if anyone can give me help in converting my LCT ak74 (wood stock) to a skeleton stock. the only thing I am not sure with is the mount that the wire stock will attach to on the receiver. So far the only stocks I can find are real steal, so I was wondering if anyone could link me a skeleton stock that would fit or has any way of modding it to fit or an adapter. Thanks very much guys, and sorry for the long winded question. See pictures below for clarity:
  11. In-land airsofter

    PISTOLS ? Hk help!

    AshOnSnow I like them all equally to be honest, would get them all if I could. However I just wondered if anybody had any gripes or issues with each model. Alex90 I really like the USP but its out of stock everywhere! and I'm pretty impatient. Thanks for your comments guys.
  12. In-land airsofter

    PISTOLS ? Hk help!

    Hi guys and girls, I was wondering if anyone could give me some help with pistol advice?. I’m looking for a pistol and I have settled on Umarex. I’m torn between wether to get the Umarex HK45 or the Umarex VP9 or to wait for the Umarex HK usp to come back in stock. Any help would be appreciated and I’m only interested in performance at the moment. Thanks guys. Jimbo
  13. In-land airsofter

    Marui m&p 9 parts

    yeah, its a Hong Kong site. http://www.boomarms.com/shop/showroom.cfm?tid=0&gid=112&curr_code=GBP&Show_Type=W
  14. Looking for an MK18 m4 complete upper reciever anyone got one ????

  15. Looking fr some reliable full metal m4 mags (Not plastic) anyone got any reccomedations please

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    2. Lozart


      There will always be mixed reviews for anything if you look hard enough...

    3. In-land airsofter

      In-land airsofter

      Where did you get your STAR/ ares mid caps from please?? Monty

    4. Monty