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Tricks of the trade 3

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I've released the third tricks of the trade guide: getting started on the website.


Getting Started

Starting the sport of Airsoft can seem daunting at first but once you get some advice from friends and other existing members of the airsoft community it becomes much easier to get started. This guide will cover the basic but crucial elements of airsoft such as choosing the right gun.


You can read the rest of the guide here ghostwolves.co.uk Thanks to fateofhat for all the help, theres a link to his website on the homepage :)


I've also done a new gun review on the Magpul Masada ACR which you can read here ghostwolves.co.uk


And... theres a new video on youtube which I uploaded. It was mainly done to test everything was working but you guys can still watch it. Youtube video


Hope you guys like everything and I will release another tricks of the trade guides looking into the rifleman role and then other roles in the following months. Especially support gunner as hubert requested :D In the future Im also thinking of doing a kit review section. If you guys have any other suggestions for stuff on the site please say as all advice and feedback is much appreciated. ;)

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Great article guys, a really nice read.

Very informative and helpful (especially the bit on camo/clothing/rigs)

And for pointing out that sniping isn't l33tz0rs fun, and unless you're patient and willing to spend lots on upgrades, it isn't worth doing. I think that is one point that cannot be stressed enough.


Haha Alex, looking forwards to it.

I'll be more than happy to offer assistance in the support gunner article ;)

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thanks for the feedback. Im still thinkng of what I want you to write fateofhat so ill pm you when I have an idea ;) Any help would really help Hubert

thanks guys :)


Tell me what you're after, and I'll get working on it.

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