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Help fixing ICS L85A2

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To anyone who owns an ICS L85A2 I could really use a hand fixing mine. The problem is firing the gun on semi automatic I'm not sure what it is but I think its an electrical problem so after maybe 5 shots the gun will just flat out stop shooting and the trigger will just click until I switch to full auto and back again if someone has or had a similar issue with it and has managed to fix it please let me know.

P.S I switched the motor out for quite a cheap one soon after I bought it because the wire connecting the motor to the gearbox broke I dont think this is relevant because It might have happened before that I cant quite remember.

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End of last month, I lent my L85 to a player because his ICS l85 was having similar problems, a little lever would jump where the trigger unit is located that would give him intermittent trigger response, a few of us looked at it & suggested something had to be done to that little lever & the fire selector rod (from fire selector on rear of rifle to the trigger unit)


I can't tell you what they suggested but I suggested a little bit of cardboard be placed under the little lever

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