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And a new guy from Leeds saying hello!

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hello guys an gals


An absolute complete noob here, discovered airlifting whilst chatting online to someone, and thought 'hmmmm, that sound like my kind of fun!'


so, as you do, you browse forums, loved the beginners sticky, which gave me some good info and food for thought, also, like most, drooled over the range of kit available, and looked at sites near me.


So, just wanted to say hello and thank you all for the information you have already given me in the threads I've been reading


Im hoping to start somewhere, probably on my own, and was looking at a place in huddersfield as its an indoor site, and seeing if I like it as much as i hope and think i will, and then would like to try out door skirmish, so if anyone can recommend a place, or have been to the afore mentioned, let me know!


btw - fascinating just how much gear is available, and the fact pyros are involved as well, i even saw a bazooka and mortars being advertised somewhere


thanks all

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One thing to bear in mind. Is it's quite an expensive sport.. You'll probably end up buying a gun, presuming you like airsoft, then you'll want either a different type of gun, different model, maybe a different style of gun (sniper, DMR) then upgrades. Then you break something, then you fix it, then you break again, then you buy a new gun, then you want scopes, red dots..


But, it's great fun, I find that I can't play too often, as I'm waiting for some money to buy of which is essentially an 'upgrade', so I just set up some cans in the garden... That's generally fun, and gets some use out of the guns..


Welcome to airsoft and the forums, it's a good place to be, and a good forum to be in. Have fun.

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