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Glock 18c AEP Mag Pouch.

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Hi Guys,


I'm wondering, I've just purchased a Glock 18c AEP for CQB and I'm struggling on finding a magazine pouch, or a way of transporting the mags. I use both extended 60 round mags and 24 round mags.


I'm more looking for pouches or a carry system for the smaller mags during CQB combat.




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Do you already have a plate carrier, battle belt, or chest rig, with molle? I use pistol mag pouches with molle to attach to my belt or chest rig.


Have a look here for some ideas - http://www.uktactical.com/search.aspx?SearchTerm=pistol


I have the Double 9mm DA mag pouches and the Triple open 5.56mm mag with 3 pistol pouches. These are for standard pistols mags.


Alternately use pockets in your clothing for spare mags and speed loader, or even a shoulder harness with mag pouches.

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