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General Advice Regards Selling Items

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Hello Folks


I've joined purely to seek advice regards selling the items my son brought a year or so ago.


Items include a rifle, pistols, mask, batteries, gas bottles, flack jacket, plus.


Is it a case of simply listing all items in the relevant forum?


Thanks for your time



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general stuff - flogg to anybody


anything that fires bb's though:


2-tone - buyer must be 18+

RIF - buyer MUST hold a valid defense eg: reg on ukara database

(and 18+ as you have to be 18+ anyway to be entered on ukara database)

just in case a spotty 12yr old gives you the old flannel he is ukara# SWAT1234567890


it can be checked by them informing you of their ukara details + postcode where they live/lived when obtaining defense



it isn't perfect the self check but YOU need to carry out some checks or to avoid any comebacks

not gonna start a ukara war but it is what we & the sport abide by to protect it a little from looney regulators/politicians seeking to ban it


if it sounds bollox see:


still a lot of kickback buzzing around


RIF's - Realistic Imitation Firearm especially should be sold responsibly

we haven't had a shooting in UK - YET

but with heighten security more armed police and possible shoot to kill

carry out a some checks please or if you are not sure ask a question on here or pm a mod


2-tone, payment via paypal and a note stating 18+ is usually what most request

yes a kid can get hold of daddy's card but a 2-tone poses less lethal risk imho than a RIF

but still seek something to state a 2-tone is sold to a 18+, just to cover ya ar$e


hence why we are protective over our sport

please ensure any airsoft guns are sold to responsible adults with valid defense

(this also includes trades/swapping airsoft guns)


if it is lame ar$e Just BB Gun 2-tone plinker half broken - you won't get much anyway for it

(best off smashing it up and taking it down the dump)


phew - hope this answers ya questions

can't flogg airsoft guns on fleabay - some do but it is forbidden

all other stuff can be flogged on there - just not guns officially

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