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zero one fast/trickle charger

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hi guys wondered if anyone has experience of this charger as i dont wanna frag my batteries, only used standard trickle chargers before


has 2 dials on say cells, form 2-10 i take it just select how many cells in battery?


other is either 500ma or 1000ma, lower one trickle and larger one fast charge?


website says battery capacity x 1.4 divided by charge current is charge time.


i take it capacity is the mah of battery?

so 1600mah x 1.4 divided by 1000ma = 2.24 hours? with charger set to 8 cells as thats how many cells battery has?


the documentation with this charger sucks tbh



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Oh f*ck it whack it on 1000....


Should be a smart charger so will stop charging when done


I got a couple that do 1a or 2a and charged on 1a mostly but that still took a while

So doing ya battery at a lower setting will take yonks


Also nimah's don't hold their charge for weeks or months on end, so don't be shocked to charge them up this weekend and have little juice if ya go shooting next weekend

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Hold up, looking on zero one it might not be a smart charger. Reviews says it drains battery then charges it up with desired settings but clearly states about maths crap.

Blimey - my old nimahs were smart chargers...

If you can't get on with it lmk and I'll flog ya one of me smart ones cheap

Or they are about £12 on eBay for a vapex smart type I think.

Sure I got a z1 smart charger knocking about somewhere.


Soz my bad for assuming it must be a smart charger - oops

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Think I got that one somewhere and sure its a smart type


your one seems to be this one maybe ???


"might" be a "smart" charger type - normally they have 2 lights:

charging & charged - so "should" stop charging

your one has 3 lights - 3rd to discharge battery, then charge & charged I guess


So glad I wasn't born in France

I can't speak a friggin' word of French

so soz not best one to translate it all for ya as I studied French with Del Boy Trotter



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lol, well i tried charging a 8.4v mini battery, set in on 7 cells and 1000ma. was fully charged in just over an hour. so the maths was screwed up somewhere. charger seems to work well would just be nice to know if i was using it correctly lol

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