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Review of the 5.11 MultiCam uniform (Shirt + Pant)

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seriously dude, either cut and paste the articles into this forum or stop spamming your page, not cool. I suggest any person viewing this thread does not click the links as they offer no benefit to this forum!

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Ya know what, I'm going to start translating the broken English to actual - if occasionally terribly spelt - English myself then pasting them here until either we stop just getting link spam and/or the translations are done properly (or just proofed). I'd be happy to do it for you if you get in touch, but it's so broken it's basically just the pictures that I check at this point.


Won't use quote tags as that fades things out. Red is when I'm not sure about the translation.


5.11 TDU assault shirt


Today we're reviewing the 5.11 TDU 'assault shirt'. This particular model is in Crye MultiCam and therefore can provide a good deal of versatility for the wearer. The shirt is made from a multi-ply combination of polyester, cotton and Spandex that provides an agile and flexible base with moisture wicking, as well as 'fast drying' properties.


Another feature of the shirt is its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), which is gives the fabric the ability to block passage of ultraviolet radiation getting through the shirt and hitting your skin. It's rated for UPF 50, which provides one of the highest levels of UVA and UVB radiation at 97.5%.






The main 'torso section' is made up of cotton (55%), polyester (37%) and Spandex (8%) [and thanks to the convenience of the tissue is a completely valid option for all types of jackets]. There are also no seams in the underarm area that can cause chaffing. There is a front zipper on the front that can close the shirt all the way up to the neck.




The 'lateral sections' are made with a mesh-like material that favours breathability - made of cotton (55%), polyester (41%) and Spandex (4%).



The camouflage pattern itself is only present on the neck and sleeves (which are made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton). This rip-stop fabric provides high resistance to the harshest operating environments.


On each arm you can find a pocket with a Velcro enclosure. There are two Velcro areas that can be used to affix patches or identification tags. The upper Velcro area is 10cm x 3.5xm, and the larger, lower area is 10cm x 8.5cm in size.




You will also notice that there's addition material around the elbows to provide extra protection.




Finally, the cuffs can be adjusted with a Velcro fastener and can therefore accommodate even the chunkiest airsofter wrist.



The shirt is available in the following sizes:


The one shown here is a size 'L', which fitted a person of approximately 1.88m in height and 47cm shoulder width. This shirt is retailing at about €89.95 (£63.39).

Review by Drus




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Hit the image limit so double post time.


5.11 TDU trousers



Here we have the 5.11 TDU trousers in Crye MultiCam, which provides the wearer with a great deal of versatility for outdoor use. The trousers we have today are made from a Taclite rip-stop fabric that's composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, making a total weight of 779 grams. Thanks to the materials used, these trousers will provide a great deal of resistance to many external conditions and are light enough to wear in hot or humid environments too. It is also worth a mention that they're Teflon treated in order to prevent staining and to provide a barrier against dirt.




An additional durability feature is the addition of double and triple seams. This is coupled with additional material re-enforcing the rear and knee areas for additional protection.


For convenience, these trousers also feature elastic waist adjustment, which - besides allowing the trousers to be more easily put on or taken off - adds some leeway when choosing sizes and with Christmas around the corner, many airsofters will see the added benefit of being able to expand their waist by another few inches without needing to buy a new set of trousers.


There are three ways of doing up the trousers: The first is an internal button, the second is a 'popper' and thirdly there's a YKK zipper. It also allows the use of seat width 5.8 cm.


There are six main pockets:


Two located at the rear, which are both fastened with Velcro.






Two more pockets on the front which have no fastenings.



And two more: One on each leg that are fastened by Velcro. These two pockets are also subdivided into two compartments for easy separation of your spare batteries etc.







There is also the classic cord/tassel that allows the user to fit the trouser leg over their boot and then fasten it in place.


The following sizes are available:

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • 3XL

In addition to waist size, there are the following lengths too:

  • Short
  • Half
  • Long

The one we reviewed was the 'L' size, which fitted a person with a height of 1.88m and 94cm waist. The price of these trousers is around €99.95 (£70.43).

Review by Drus

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