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WE OB M4 nozzle broke

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I fitted a winter spring and a new bucking and barrel in my m4 tonight and while I was firing it, it jammed with a broken bb. I pulled it apart and cleaned it out and noticed that the bit around the nozzle that looks like the m4s locking lugs has cracked and is lose. Anyway, long story short, there's two different ones on milspec. One has a flat opening and one has a slanted opening at the loading end. The one in my gun is slanted but is there a better one to use?



Edit: also, could the weaker spring have caused it to misfeed and break a bb? Or is this just part of the joys of airsoft guns?



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Part of the joy I'm afraid

Main spring would make no difference to feeding
Weak tappet springs though can contribute to feed problems at higher speeds

Many may use aluminium nozzles as they are a bit more robust, though some say at higher speeds they may mark the bb as it loads into hop.
Me personally think a metal nozzle is fine unless you are maybe going insane rof.

What you need to get is a nozzle as close as damn it to your old nozzle in length or you may need to mod it slightly

A nozzle too long may give feed trouble
A nozzle too short may not seal correctly against hop

See herehttp://www.clandestineairsoft.com/nozzles-c-1_6_14/?page=2&sort=20a&zenid=dff4e7702c19551ac222deb388c7ecc6

Nozzles can vary from just over 21.17 to 21.50
But there are shorter ones like a Lonex m16 x 2
20.69 or 21.26

Same as AK nozzles there are long n short ones

So try to get a replacement same size or a half a hairline over - you can file/sand it down a tiny bit but only if you are sure.

Check everything against old / new

The end don't matter too much, well it shouldn't but check nozzle slides into hop OK and don't snag

The actual nozzle tip don't matter too much, they probably won't have tiny slits at the end, this is mainly for longer full stroke full cylinders to help avoid bb suck
Your m4's cylinder should have a port on it so it will easily draw in air should there be any slight bb suck.

Yes these toys do go pear shape I'm afraid

edit - early morning reply from me on my fone = the odd mistake here n there

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