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idiots on you tube

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ok so there is this retard, he thinks he is some big smart Arse, look at the comments, my account ELITEclan100 was trying to defend an awesome guy from this nerdy nerd of nerdy land, so i reply back, at first i was playing serious with this guy, but now he i am just playing around with him, god it is so much fun, if someone wants to join in ....

:lol: halp me annoy this guy


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this is a weak arguement i hate cyber warriors because you know anyone who gives it mouth online is a nobody if they were (for want of a better word) HARD in the real world they would not waste there time arguing online its a waste of time arguing with them.

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yh wen i do start fights, or should i say people start fights with me, i just laugh, if they are all chavy i am like in it bruv wait...


haha, there is this year 7, he is ...well...BIG and midget. so samer touches his arm for no reason the kid goes " Oi, you touch my arm again i'll break it!" me and samer laugh ourselves to death, then a while later he walks up to me, btw fat yr 7 kid= Bob for now

Bob walks towards me

Me : what r u doing?

Bob: just cos your year 8 doesn't mean im scared of you

Me: im not trying to be scary, and im not scared of you either

Bob: Well why are you backing away from me then?

Me: Cos your bloody walking into me (by this time i cant look him in the eye without laughing yet he is so serious about it)

Bob: (pausing for while, mean while me laughing to death...again) after about 30 secs, bob has a spasm in front of me

Me: (Flinched) of course i am going to flinch you just sorta 1j34jkd5 in my face!!

Bob: p***y!

Me: Wow im scared now (Sarcastic)

Bob : punches me really lightly, if i see you tomorow ask me to show you how hard.

Me: Ow that reaalllly hurts HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (continues Laughing spasm)


wow year 7's are really retarded, well he is anyway!


the beauty of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V :D

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