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    Jg g36c
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    jg mp5 navy
    well mp7
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  1. did u mistake it for a pinata?
  2. I didn't realise you where a homosexual?
  3. I have no idea I'm not that much of a geek on bits and parts. Its how it came and it's called a mp5 navy on the box. The frontend of it looks exactly the same as the gameplay trailer of mw3 lol
  4. It's a beautiful Jg (I love cheap china guns)
  5. tw5?? the mp7 shoots well not good enough to be a primary not even cqb but makes a awsome side arm, which is strange because the rs is an absolute beast that fires the big boy rounds but the airsoft version is a aep. so not best but its sexy as hell. next up glock 17, then hopfully a ak47s
  6. Updated pics of the armoury to come late 2 new additions
  7. If you say so...? I'm not to good on gear just buy what I think looks good.
  8. i dont know because its a flea bay special from hk cost £30 for the vest then the same again in postage but still it seems pretty good qulity and you dont stand a chance of getting somthing that nice here for £60 came with all the pockets you can see plus a radio one round the back it also has one of those wires that run through meaning if you pull it the whole thing just falls apart!!! no use in airsoft but a nice feature for plate carryers in the real world.
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