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ASG Glock 19?

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Hi guys,


I have an ASG Glock 19. I've had it for a few years and stopped using it a while ago due to some issues that i wasn't bothered to fix but i want to get it going again.


It has an issue where unless i push the magazine up and hold it there, it doesn't cycle properly, so I bought a new mag release which solved it a bit but the problem is still present...How can I fix this?

I have lost the front sight and not really sure where to get a new one? I dont really want/need anything fancy, just the standard sight is fine.

The hop up unit has a crack in it which I assume is causing some issues, I've seen a KSC unit online, and it looks the same as my hop up unit, is it okay to use their unit?

Also with regards to magazines, what can I use in this gun? do the KSC/WE/TM, mags fit? Or will I have to look for ASG branded mags only?


I'm hopeless when it comes to tech stuff, even more so when its gas powered stuff lol.






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Get yourself some magazine shims. They create a better seal between the piston and the gas outlet valve.


( http://www.leesprecision.com/products/laser-cut-mag-shim-pack-of-4-ksc-kwa-glock-series )


Purchase a new piston/nozzle, the old one might be worn out.


Give it a thorough clean and re-grease.


ASG Glocks are OEMd by KWA/KSC, so Marui parts won't fit/work.

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Thanks, just looking around right now for the nozzle on eHobby. Those shims sound like a good shout too, just ordered them.

We'll see what happens next. Cheers.

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