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Evening all,

So once again, I'm looking at changing my current collection.

I have here a KWA MP9 which comes with:

3 leak free mags (1 is missing the part that activates the bold lock, part can be had for about $13)
CQB Bolt (installed)
Standard Bolt
Silencer adapter (I think this has been locktight on, as I've not been able to get it off)
hop adjustment tool
Muzzle Break

Condition wise the gun is good, usual skirmish marks etc but working perfectly. Main marks are on the silencer adapter.

Any idea's on a price to sell for would be greatly appreciated.






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I just sold one with 2 mags and a CQB valve (not bolt) fitted but nothing else for 150. It went quickly. Yours should be around 200-250 depending how quick you want it to go.

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Thats good to know, I was hoping to get to around that price, since it comes with 2 bolts etc

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