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Umarex H&K UMP- Upgrade,

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Hi all


thought i would just share a few pics of my old(ish) two tone UMP 'sportsline'

Pretty simple stuff with switching in a new threaded for the silencer and repainting the receiver but what a world of difference it makes to this gun. Wouldn't believe it was the same one !






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Ive got one of these coming this week, wanna put a longer barrel in and a silencer to cover up the bit that sticks out. How do you find this performs? Ive heard mixed reviews

I've found its performing just as well as before, slightly more noticeable arc when shooting but once id adjusted my hop it was firing well. Got it chrono'd at the weekend too and was firing around the 320-330 FPS mark. Just be mindful that you have to swap out the outer barrel for new one as it isn't threaded as standard. Ive attached a video with really helped me out with that if you need it.

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