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VFC MP7A1 - Final Thoughts

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Just to clarify from the very start, this gun that has become the bane of my life, and not even been skirmished ONCE. it has resulted in some funnage as backyard plinking fun, but didnt even go a year without having an issue; all because the hard recoil made it feel well over the 400 FPS limit, and the supposedly fittable NPAS kit began to make my life hell for this gun. Anyway:

General Overview
When i shot the first round, gassed up on green and 0.2's, my jaw dropped & i flinched like hell; the recoil on this gun is beyond astounding; more so than you'd find on the M27, which shocked me to a large extent. and the best part? it was on single shot; Full auto was something else entirely. Amazing none the less.

Alongside the recoil, is it's accuracy; pretty decent, even for a 60-70 feet spray, and with the adjustable hop-up, located directly above the flash hider, it's very simplistic and disables all the issue of fiddling with the bolt to attempt to change the hop-up.

Now, gas efficiency within the mags is decent, at best. on a cold day in February, at least 8 degrees, i got 2 mags worth out of a 40 round magazine. That being said, the cooldown is worrying but not as bad as what i saw recently with my friends G18c extended mags; literally froze up the slide catch and fire selector within 6 shots. never touched it again. Think the feeding nozzle is fucked, but regardless, not my problem :D

Finally, the overall build of the gun itself felt solid and durable, and considering the build of nylon fiber/polymer was used primarily on the body of the gun, with the rails and some internal parts being metal, the weight came as a surprise. The bolt was a big chunk of metal, all one piece in comparison to the TM bolt (as of which, i'm unsure if its compatible with the VFC body...?)

Now all is well and good from what you've read, but heres the real kicker......


The internals are SHIT.

To begin with, the biggest issue of the entire gun itself; the nozzle return spring is by far the worst i've ever seen. the spring is of such a weak quality metal, it WILL have a tendency to bend over itself and uncoil itself whenever possible; this proves that point justifiably.

And the worse part? this isn't even an old spring; I got this spring THIS MORNING, fired 2 magazines through it, and the nozzle decided to not feed properly and jam into the system. this is the result of poor quality control and lack of securing the spring correctly. I've even gotten desperate to the point of attaching this spring(chopping the f**ked up part off) the original & the 2nd of my brand new springs together and epoxy-ing the back of the spring to the nozzle to ensure it doesn't move during firing. No doubt something won't go wrong here! *Sarcasm* <_<


The bolt overall is of very,VERY cheaply built aluminium. the threads where the screws are situated for securing the spring and nozzle are easily worn down to the point where the screws can just as easily slip in an out, much like a nun who forgot her vows... :rolleyes:

The price for this gun (£250) is decent for what your getting, but considering you'll end up buying another bolt like i am just to leave well enough alone, it's well not worth it. So far, the pricing comes up to this:

MP7 - £210 (Discount from a retailer B))

2 Replacement return nozzle springs - £10
2 Magazines - £80
Soon to be bought replacement bolt - £40

Overall, we're looking at £340; nearly a £100 increase just to see if the damn thing works!

My best advice? AVOID VFC GAS GUNS AT ALL COSTS. They are clearly new the gas-operated field of Airsoft weaponry, and should stick to the electric counterparts until they find an alternative to their scantily built bolt systems.

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