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Want to use larger batteries? My Stock External Battery Pouch

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So I got bored and I hated the look of the cheap MOLLE battery pouches for the stock of your gun.. but at the same time I wanted an external battery rig.. so I bought an stock holder from ant supplies (great guys there!) for £12 and drilled a hole into the side of the stock & inside compartment in the zipped area.



Result? No naked wires, just a nice looking stock concealing a big battery! :)





Takes two minutes to do with a dremel and a drill bit... now I can carry pretty much any reasonable lipo... 5k or less mah.



I used a 9.6v nimh to take the photos as it was lying around but you can see that you can leave batteries completely concealed and as a plus the stock is aesthetically pleasing :)



Stock Pouch - http://ant-supplies.co.uk/Pages/StockCheekRestAmmoPouches.aspx



Dimensions: 140mm Long x 47mm High x 35mm wide (flat before the compartment curves up)





Now on the plus side... does any one know where I can get some nice Velcro stickers for the external of the pouch! :D

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You genius.

hahhaha i posted it because it like the look and i never see other RIFs with this lol

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