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review on G&G cm16 carbine (cheap airsoft starter gun!)

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Hey there guys, some of you may know I recently bought a G&G cm16 carbine. I bought from zerooneairsoft, and had it two toned. Out of the box, it smelled of cheap paint, and the green was not perfectly painted on.


When I got the gun, I noticed a few things. Firstly, the paint wasn't amazing, secondly, it looked really good quality, and thirdly, the flash hider is the opposite (eg left = tighten, which is a bugger if you want to put it on.)


As I had expeiences in the past with bad stocks, I was relieved to find out the stock tube was fully metal, thus ensuring a slick procedure back and forth (no dirty minds plox ;) ). The overall attention to detail is pretty good, and it doesn't look too much like a £120 gun (apart from 2 tone obvs).


The magazine is a normal m4 mag, however I would look into mid caps, because since emptying 2000 rounds through my gun, It seems my fingers are quite sore from all of the cog doing up.



It came with a flash hider, never to be used again for me, and a cleaning rod and some bbs. On a side note, when I took the gun out, I found the trigger to be quite stiff, and for about 30 mins, it was actually jammed in place. It hasn't happened since, and I believe it must be the trigger needed wearing in. The quality felt good, except for the upper reciever, which is plastic and not attached to the lower part. This is presumably so that you can get to the internals, however if you press on it, it does go in and out and makes a clicking sound, which makes the gun feel cheap. The cranestock is quite hard to get off at first, and after that you will find it becomes much easier, however some of the two tone comes off in the process. Overall, IDM it because in a way it makes the gun look used and therefore realistic, but 2 tone can only be so realistic lol.

A point I had with it was whenever I put the stock against my shoulder, the sling point would dig into my shoulder. Nothing an allan key couldn't fix, and I have taken it off.



That brings me to my next point: shooting.


For me out of the box, it wasn't hot or anything. The hop up was just right, however with the wind etc I decided to take the top sight off, because I felt it limited my pov. left to right. This is preferance.

As i said, the trigger feels nice now and the reaction speed is pretty good, not systema but all you need for your first gun. I was able to pull quite a few bbs down the garden on semi, but then again I'm known to have a fast hand (just stop it now -_- ....)


anyways, the battery I bought is a 7.4v cranestock lipo 2600mah, And I reckon, atm somehow could get 7000 shot out of it... That will go down I guess to 2600. It fits nicely in and powers the gun very well. Once you know how to charge, it is easy and takes not much time at all to get it fully charged again, you just have to be careful.


The gun and the left side is very neat, partly because of the CM16 logo. There is a big point on the right side, so I normally have it right up (in case it marks a sofa for example) The right side is quite cheap looking with CE and a picture of a bin, but it is livable. The hp up system is hard to get to and the thing behind the sights can be moved from side to side, making it feel cheap.



I will update this with the internals etc...




Overall 8.5 out of ten for me. It is a very good first gun and I would recommend it for anybody!



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Ya know, there is a dedicated gun/gear review section on this site

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Also most guns are a negative thread (counter clockwise) to tighten. It's more unusual to find a positive thread on a gun barrel

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