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Morning all

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I am completely new to the world of airsoft and fell into it by accident.


I have been an avid airgunner for longer than I care to remember and while away many a pleasant hour hunting vermin for some of the local farmers.


Having grown up in South Africa and having a background in the military and policing, I have developed a passion for anything firearm related.

I have always owned air rifles and the closest I got to a pistol after leaving SA was a plastic single shot sig p220. I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and had loads of fun plinking away at paper targets. I got so good with it that I could hit a billboard sized target from a foot away almost 50% of the time. This thing could punch a hole through a piece of wet single ply toilet paper from well over a hundred millimetres away with ease. It was possibly the most dangerous pistol I had ever owned and lived with the constant fear of being seriously injured by a BB bouncing of the ground and hitting me in the ankle.

I later discovered that there were other pistols out there that were a little more challenging. I acquired a rather pleasant umarex cp88 in .177 and the sig was retired to the cupboard.


My father (78 years old and still shoots) introduced me to the world of steel bb's. He had an obscenely large Dan Wesson that looks like .38 special on steroids. He took me to his local gunshop where he gets his ammo from and I found and fell in love with the TFW 1911. My fathers preferred side arm back home was the 1911, I don't ever remember him not having it with him.


Anyway I finally purchased a TFW and was not only impressed with the shooting realism of it but was overjoyed at the fact that it could be stripped like the real thing.

Sadly my father was diagnosed with cancer and as a result of the chemo was unable to shoot.

He still went on about the TFW and after a lot of searching I found a reasonably priced second hand one for him. Having spent more time than I care to remember in armouries gun smithing (hence the name), I did a complete rebuild on this second hand pistol. It was polished, hand engraved and chased and I made him a bespoke set of grips. He was so pleased that he took the pistol into the gunshop to show the owner. It turns out that he is into skirmishing and owns a mini arsenal.

He asked me if I could make him a set of grips for his S.T.A.R.S m92. What a silly question. I of course agreed but when the pistol arrived it was the most battered, hammered and well used pistol I had seen.

After hours of work I transformed this pistol into a thing of beauty.

I stupidly asked if there was anything else he needed doing and now have a Mac10 and Dragunov to rebuild.


My main aim for joining the airsoft forums is to learn a little more about the sport, perhaps get involved as well but also to keep my eye open for spare parts.


That's me in a nutshell.


The Gunsmith.

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Welcome to AF-UK!


Do you have any pictures of your handy-work that we could see?


I am interested in what you can do!

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Welcome to the forums mate :)


I second the request for pics haha

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