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New site in the Cotswolds

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Hi all,


I just wanted to share with you guys a new site that is in development of opening in the Cotswolds.


A couple of my friends have been in discussion with the manager of a paintball site located near Bourton-on-the-hill. It is a 200 acre site with a variety of woodland areas, has a decent 'safe' area with lots of benches, ample parking and flushing toilets! There is also a small canteen to prepare hot food. The manager has confirmed that he has valid third-party insurance that covers airsofting at the site.


On behalf of my friends I would like to gauge the interest of the site at this location, as we believe there aren't any sites within the Cotswolds nearby, with this much space!


A new Facebook page has been set up and more information can be found on the location and the development of getting it up and running (for some reason I can't get the hyperlink in) please search for 'Cotswold Airsoft' on Facebook.


A few taster days are going to happen sometime soon and it would be great if we could see how many local people are able to be there.


Please let us know your thoughts, any feedback would be great!

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Hi guys just some info for you if anyone is in the surrounding area of Bourton-on-the-hill in Gloucestershire.


Cotswold Airsoft is to have their first game day on the 29th of June. Please see the announcement below from their Facebook page:


"It is now official we have our first teaser game date of June 29th 2014. First game fee of £10 feel free to bring your own ammo ( please ensure they are only bio ) we are a bio only site.


Fps limits


Aeg 350 max

Bolt action/single shot 450 ( 30m engagement limit )"


Feel free to post below if you are interested and are willing to support a new site (obviously if you are nearby!) or maybe if you are further afield.



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Hi guys,


Just wanted to give a quick update on Cotswold Airsoft, located just outside Bourton-on-the-hill.


Please see the link below for details of the taster game day on the 29th of June.




I don't know how many people on here are located locally, however on the Facebook page there is a map and directions for people who aren't.


The site is working closely with other local sites to work alongside them, not in competition. I'm sure everyone can understand that variety is needed for people to stay interested in playing the sport, hence why connections are being established for everyone to profit from the new site. My friends and I popped to Swindon Airsoft yesterday and they even put in a word in an interview with Airsoft International, which was very kind of them!


We already have a lot of people interested in coming down, however I am just spreading the word to gauge interest/new players for the site - there is a difference between interest and actually turning up for the game day!


If anyone wants any more information message me!

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