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Alcon H

Need Advice - ASG KWA Glock G17

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Hello everyone.


I'm looking for some advice. I'm a new player looking to purchase my own pistol, and I've always loved the feel and look of a glock, and so I've decided to go for one.


Despite this, I'm not sure what brand to choose, I would like to have the a metal slide and some sort of safety mechanism.


I've been looking at this gun here:



Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it a quality weapon?



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I have a KWA Glock and it's pretty good now it's running, though the cold weather does take it's toll and as far as I'm aware the RA Tech CO2 mags are rubbish. A big plus over the TM and WE Glocks is it's the same size as the real one whereas the TM and WE are a little bit bigger

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