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  1. You've got to take account for the fact that not everyone realises you can search on forums, espescially if they don't use them often. Younger kids don't have experience on the internet, and so don't understand how forums work. It could also be laziness to I guess, but I think it's more of the former. I can't really answer the first one, but it's possible that the posts are being mis-interpreted. It's hard to convey emotion within text, and so they may just be simply debating their choices and it come across in an entirely different way. For the second part, it's all voluntary and it's what makes a good community. Helping you fellow airsofter is not necessarily mandatory, but doing so improves the airsoft community alot. Of course, no one expects help, but it's nice to have it every once in a while. Isn't that why we're all here? For our passion of airsofting and sharing that with others? I don't think that's got anything to do with the current times, there'll always be naive / rude people, regardless of age.
  2. I see your point, but some people such as myself didn't have a dad around. My mum wouldn't have the foggiest about weapons, and so I had to look elsewhere to get my information. There's nothing wrong with using your initiative and not being dependent on your parents for everything. It's all really about the evolution of technology. Life in general isn't what it was and kids have access to all the information they need online. I don't however, think it's fair to say that all kids have a small attention span. With online shopping in general, physical stores and salesman are being obsolete to an extent, pretty much anything you could possibly want is available online, with all of the information about it right in front of you.
  3. Yeah, no surprise there. Well, if you read my other topic, you'd see that I plan to. You have no idea whether or not I have a defense under the VCR act. I was asking about the legality of importing, not the legality of having or buying one. I'm trying to find the cheapest price. The cheapest options are to buy one with an orange slide and remove the paint or to buy from abroad. It's not because I don't have the defense or the ability to buy one legally, because I do. Also, what makes you think that I have no care for the law? I have not broken any laws, only stated my rights as a UK citizen. Clearly you're a sheep that doesn't understand the concepts of rights and just surrenders to any old copper that wants to be "nosey" as you put it. In what way am I trying to avoid the law? Your grammar and ability to construct a coherent sentence won't change regardless of what speed it is read or who is reading it.
  4. What exactly is your point here? You're just rambling on and your sentences are barely coherent.
  5. And the point of that comment is? The blank firing RIF from spain is actually UK spec, just half the price. Was that supposed to be an insult or....?
  6. So you're saying that I should surrender my rights to the police just because they're nosey? If I get stopped for a decent reason, I'd co-operate fully. If I am stopped for no reason, I'll challenge them on it. They can arrest me, but it'd be false arrest and then they'd have a real shit storm coming their way. Police officers cannot overrule our rights. People like you let police abuse their powers and it's the reason they carry on doing so with other people. If you want to let a police officer look in your bag because they're just being nosey, then by all means go ahead, but I certainly won't, regardless of what's in there be it an RIF or my laptop.
  7. I have carried rifle bags, large camping rucksacks through cities past plenty of police officers and not once been stopped or asked what's in my bag. Police would have no reason to ask me and simply wouldn't care what's in it anyway... I can imagine however, that if I were to act like a dick, then they would stop me.
  8. https://www.gov.uk/police-powers-to-stop-and-search-your-rights As I said: if they have ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect If you have done nothing wrong, and you are travelling to and from a location with your RIF stored away and out of sight, then there is no reasonable grounds to search you. Sure, they can stop and ask you what you're doing and why you're there, but then you simply reply "I'm going to..". You do not need to mention the items you are carrying on your person.
  9. Well it would be against the law for the police to stop and search you without a reasonable suspicion of you committing a crime. I know that's basically what you said, but if you transport it in a container (preferably locked), I can't see you running into any problems. It's common sense really. Even if they do find it on his person, it's completely legal for him to have it since it's in a container and he's travelling from one place to another. There's nothing illegal provided you're not sat around the park waving it at people.
  10. No, you don't need a firearms license to own a blank firing gun, you can buy them legally within the UK, however they need to be two-toned due to the VCR act. I don't know if customs are going to like me importing one though, since it'll be black. As long as it cannot be modified to take live rounds then they're legal. It's just the aspect of importing that I'm unsure of.
  11. I wish to purchase a blank firing pistol from a french company, since it's half the price new of a second hand one over here. What's the legality behind this? Is it legal to purchase and then post over an RIF from France?
  12. Sorry for being a complete idiot, but all it says is Semi-automatic, Co2, replica pistol which applies to the UK version too, surely? The only difference is Co2 vs Gas.
  13. Anyone know the legalities of importing a Blank firing RIF from france?

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    2. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      in that ukara isn't considered a reasonable proof of defence for owning RIF blank firers. not sure that the rules are but probably only a google away...

    3. Russe11


      UKARA only covers airsoft. You would need a re-enactment defence for a blank firer. Something like AFRA membership.


    4. TeddyBhoy


      Also be wary of front venting models. The police and custom consider these firearms and people have been raided by armed police and face firearms charges for it.

  14. Ah right, that makes sense now. I don't understand, was that to me? What about the description are you referring to?
  15. Oh damn, I missed that. Hmm... Very weird. How do you know? I don't see the material mentioned on the page. Just realised the grip is also completely different texture and shape. There's no lower rail, the thumb rest (?) is missing and it seems completely different when comparing the two.
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