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Help with AK top rail

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I've got a G&P tactical AK and I want to put a top rail on it.


I've got all the rails on the front section (I'm new to this, don't know the names of the parts yet) but want to attach an acog to compensate for my terrible eyesight.


I ordered a new dust cover with a rail attached to it but it didn't fit, it was slightly the wrong shape and the motor got in the way so to my disapointment, back to square one.


I've seen a few online that mount on the receiver and go all the way to the where the stock meets but that would meant I couldn't remove the dust cover and put in a battery.


Has anyone had any experiance with this because I'm somewhat stuck!


Thanks for looking

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Yeah, there's three ways to go about it. You don't have to worry about not being able to get at the dust cover to change battery; once you press the button at the rear to release it, you can pull it back and to the right to get it off and put it back on the same way.


mFkoNAEjqIdcIpSvEYvtyJA.jpgThis is the simplest - you don't have to disassemble the gun to fit it.

It attaches underneath to the four screws which hold the receiver (main body of the gun) to the barrel base assembly (the bit on which the rear sight sits). That small hole far left in the picture attaches to the screw just under the forward edge of the rear sight. Shame because I have one spare but I promised to sell it to someone when I get home in a few days :(


mh2arc684iYA6s9HZ4kL19g.jpgThis is the best - it replaces the front handguards and looks major uber...

I've got just the front section on one of my AK's and it isn't exactly simple to fit it wobble free. There's a slot in the receiver for a peg inside the lower handguard that needs filling with Blu Tac. Also there's a semi-circular fitting that acts as a nut to a bolt underneath and clamps the lower handguard to the barrel mounted blanking plate (the bit that stops you being able to see into the handguards from the front); it's a real ball ache to get the bolt to engage with the thread. More Blu Tac holds it still enough to get the bolt in and a bit more stops the cleaning rod from rattling.


mc7A6Z_ddSm5eyuZjVeey1g.jpgThis is most authentic to the real steel - but you need a fitting attached to the receiver...

...a picture of which eludes me @mo. It is a massive pain in the arse to fit though, because you have to drill 3 holes in the left hand side of the receiver and use these tiny round flattish nuts to attach it, which still barely leaves enough room for the gearbox to go back in (and on some guns may not fit without a fair bit of trial, error, and Dremmel).


Technically there is another option:

mK2nCiyA68qyEZyrjJy3ILQ.jpgbut it doesn't fit on all AK's at the back, where the stock attaches to the receiver.

I'm pretty sure it wont go onto a G&P tac AK, but here's the linky to be thorough.

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