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Urban Assault

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went to Urban assault in peterbrough (14/08/10), what a load of s***, the marshals are jumped up twats, most of the reg players dont take there hits and when you tell the marshals they dont care. This is the WORST site i have ever played at!. A total waste of time and money playing at there site, the site it self is so vanderlised, there is no seating at all for the safe zone and 1 portaloo which has never be cleaned.

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Went this weekend....


Paid £25 walk on fee.


Rained all day :(


First impressions were good, the site looked huge and it was. Lots of derelict buildings yes most were vandalised and some areas were a no go as it seemed unsafe but it was a derelict site not a training village or such so I think it added to the feel.

No safe zone as such, and no apologies for it. It is a derelict site with no thrills. I didnt see the portaloo, but found a very accommodating bush which suited my needs (number 1, honest guv!!)


I had an issue with my rifle and as such I was without a weapon, a very friendly chap let me use his M4 which saved my day!!


game types were good, capture the flag, a long game with multiple objectives and an attacking/defending fall back to buildings type game. Games were good, but a lot of walking to get back to the respawn. On the objective game you had to wait 5 mins to spawn back in, which after the long walk back and wait and the time it took to get back to the action seemed a drag on the gameplay.


Burger van on site which was very reasonable, friendly guy running the van, had better chats with him than I did with anyone from Urban Assault to be honest.


Over all a nice site, very glad I played as I had never played in a place like this, only woodland or completely indoors so a mixed site like this was a lovely change.


However a few things to note:


Marshal's were not too friendly and did not explain the games too well, lack of enthusiasm about the game types and half the players seemed not interested which was never addressed, sites I have been to before the marshals expected everyone to listen. Also a lack of authority throughout the game. Many players were not listening or even in the vicinity of the safety brief which to me is not on. EVERYONE should be present, new players or regulars.

Also a few players had to be reminded about eye pro whilst chronoing, testing guns and even IN GAME ZONE!! It seemed Urban Assault do not take this seriously at all. One marshal even came over to tell someone about eye pro in the test fire area and wasn't wearing any himself!


Also despite a warning on the website of no boots no play policy and my mate phoning to double check as a current medical issue means he cannot wear boots and being told no boots = no play and a warning in the safety brief I saw two players in trainers!!..


No safe zone as such, we set up from our bags in the signing in building but were warned not to leave gear so had to use the boot of the car, whilst not an issue, some tables and chairs to encourage some chit chat among payers would be nice (and help when it was raining).

Comment above re toilets was correct, I heard there was a portaloo but most players used patch of land behind the car park.


Over all a good day, half arsed Marsheling and safety and a no frills site with a huge fun game zone, lots of great buildings and open areas to play in. I would like to return but will wait for nicer weather as it was cold and wet and I would rather prefer indoors this time of year!

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