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New to the forum...

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Good Morning Guys and Girls.


Just as a brief intro, my name's Aaron and I'm 21. I've been playing whenever I've had the chance and the funds since 2007. I've played at mainly semi-urban, semi woodland sites in and around Hertfordshire.


Looking to take Airsoft on as my number one hobby now and thought I'd turn to the guys that know more than I do for some friendly advice, tips and help where required.


I was using a CA MP5 for 2 years and have recently sold it to a friend to get him more involved in the sport.


I currently wear DPMs with a PARA Beret. I'm waiting eagerly to get the MTP Camo when it's finally released (I know it'll be a while..)


Looking now to get the M4 CQB by CA. M15 CQB


If anybody has seen the gun used or has one themselves, I just want an idea of how it feels and fires mainly. (There's only so much you can get from YouTube American reviews(!))


I picked the gun because it suits my fast paced clearance-style way of playing.


I'm sure you'll hear more from me in the next few months.





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