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Tanaka M93R

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I am new to airsoft in a lot of ways and just having a play so to speak. I bought about a month ago a WE Glock 18c which i was so delighted with that i bought this Raffica M93R which seems to be from a company known as Tanaka.


I had watched a few videos on YouTube first for this pistol and went ahead and bought one on the strength of it. I didnt think about the fact that there might be several companies that produce these pistols. What arrived seems good in a lot of ways. The switches seem to be a bit stiff and i was uncertain to begin with with the 3 burst mode as it seems you must release the trigger once pulled or it will empty the mag. It does shoot well as it happens and much more acurate than the Glock although i think iu find the Glock more fun.


There is a difference between the glock and the M93R with respect to the gas usage, i seem to get more out of the Glock but i also feel that maybe the M93R exhausts gas when it gets cold. I think i just need to persist.


Out of interest does any one have any good web sites that either supply spares or upgrades. Im finding it hard to pin point places that sell stuff, all seems to be in the States,


Any advice on the Raffica would be really appeciated.



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Try redwolf and ehobby asia but finding tanaka spares may well be tricky.

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