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Tokyo Marui M733 Commando or TM M4A1

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hello i am new to all this but have been looking at guns for a while now, i will not be getting this gun right away as i want to get the 3 games under my belt so i can get an all black one,


Tokyo Marui M733 Commando




Tokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine



right is there much difference in the 2??? i would like to know where the best place to order one from would be, `id like a scope or sight as well.



cheers people


also i have seen another m733 on wolf armouries, M4 COMMANDO FULL METAL AEG 1Joule G&P, whats the difference between this and the TM one??

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G&P tend to be higher FPS than the fairly 'cool' Marui's. (japans laws don let you have a nice hot weapon)


personally, I would go for the Marui... either one is good, its just personal choice although the M4A1 has a longer barrrel, thus a better grouping.

then put a larger spring in (consult local supplier)


as for sights, click the link in my signature :D

I would stick to a red dot at most, or even better, get used tio the iron sights... save weight and money.

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cheers dude, right about the m733 i like the idea of the shorter barrel, but what do u mean about better grouping???


also you say avoid halo sights as there to much, what about this one some one else posted in that thread??





what red dot site do you recommend??


cheers dude

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