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Noob requiring pistol advice

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Hello airsofters


. I was hoping to get professional advice on purchasing a pistol. I have some ideas already but I would love to hear from people who have some experience on the subject. I am currently unemployed so money is quite tight these days so i have set a budget of £100 for the pistol itself so i have money left for BB's, Gas etc.


here are the two ideas i have: http://www.swindonai...p?idproduct=344




You have probably guessed by now i am inexperienced in GBB pistols and these choices are probably laughable to an experienced skirmisher, all i need from you guys is honest advice. I should point out I do not have a UKARA membership but both of the websites say they can paint the guns.


the pistol only has to have 3-4 of these traits

>good value for money(including reliability, quality and efficiency)

>under £100 (give or take £10/£20)



>good looking

>easy to use

>two tone (this is essential)



Any advice is welcome, as i said, i have no idea what i'm doing.


Thanks :D

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WE G17 isn't a bad shout IMO.


Dunno what you mean by wanting a "powerful" pistol.. Most GBB pistols come at around 300-330fps.


Avoid that second gun, and that website in general really.

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+1 on what Tariq says. The one on the JustBBguns website doesn't have an adjustable hop, so is basically just a back garden plinker at best,.


The WE G17 should be good and I believe will also take TM or ARMY mags, although I haven't tried that to be sure. If they'll 2 tone it than you should be good to go.

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