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Airsoft Shooting Range?

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Is there such a thing?


I like skirmishing but I also like just shooting for shootings sake. I also need to zero in the iron sights and a red dot on my G36c. Only having a small'ish £50 garden and no desire to upset the neighbours I think such a thing would be rather handy. The idea of a purpose built airsoft shooting range to get some "between skirmish" practice and set up time sounds pretty good to me.


I have actually just emailed Ronnie Sunshines in Berkhamsted. They have three indoor ranges two of which are rather short and designated for airsoft use. The 20m range (still not really far enough) is for air rifle use. They replied saying that I could try the 20m range but if at any time ricochets are causing a problem I would have to stop. So I plan on booking an hour during a weekday where hopefully I could get the range to myself.


They charge £10 per hour which I think is a fair enough price to have some target practice and sort out my sights in a nice warm, wind free shooting range!

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My site has its own range which they also use for chrono.

Bout 50m long.


They just let us use it for setting up guns and whatever even if we've just come in during a weekday to buy a hop rubber.

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