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my christmass give away prize

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sorry it took so long to get the pics loaded up guys been having a really rough couple of months,


well her it is (with a couple of small mods nothing to fancy just yet so far its had a madbull tbb and hop rubber fitted took the stock tube and crane stock off my g&g and fitted it ( just hate full stocks on m4's other than that its 100% as it came from dev and the lads at fire support.


so big thanks to AF-UK and fire support you guys helped make what was a really sh*t end to the year that bit better.


as for its fps quoting dev on this at 390fps as havent had chance to get it on the field yet but it defo is a hard hitting aeg rof is good and hasnt miss fed once with about 1000 rounds down range.


will be posting an in depth review over the next week or so along with some more pics and maybe a small video of the rof ect.



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Don't know how I missed this.


Sorry to here that you have been having some rough times, but glad that you are enjoying it!


Added a picture in topic:


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