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New gearbox or major upgrade?

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Hey guys Since it's christmas I want to treat myself., I have been an airsofter for almost 2 years and had my own weapon for at least a year and half (KWA SR10). All work done on the gearbox and so on is my own and I love my gun but as of late it's been getting worse and worse... It's not my current upgrades/repairs that are the issues it's the first few I did (Didn't bother putting certain screws back etc) that and my gun is generally getting old and scratched up nasty anyway.


The question is... Which option do I go down?


1) Replace the entire weapon and build a new different project (thinking L129A1 British marksman rifle)

2) Buy a new SR10 and transfer the ASCU.

3) Strip/prime/paint body and replace the gearbox (Housing is damaged slightly) along with brand new internals (all gears/piston etc are stock) and transfer my ASCU with a new high speed motor?


If I was going to build a L129A1 I don't know what I would use as a base. I would want full auto as I use 3-round burst too much to go DMR but want the "slot" in the rail and the unibody.


So... Let me have your suggestions/tips!


Thanks (And merry christmas)


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Unfortunatley theres currently no way of making the l129 as the LMT one piece upper isnt available for 7.62 rifles in airsoft.

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