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To the max.. and onward!

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Evening all,


I've been using my G&G GR15 raider (short) for four or five months now and pleased is an utter understatement! I'm not sure there's much better than it for the money to be honest.


A little info -




6.03 tightbore

Motor upgraded although not sure to what - proairsoft were running a promotional scheme in which they'd throw in an upgrade at no charge.


Other than that, internals are stock. Externally a PEQ box, 551 eotech clone and a foregrip.


Been running perfectly on 7.4 lipos but I still feel there may be room for improvement! Without pushing the FPS above 350 (Wouldn't mind getting a little closer to that higher limit though!) how would I go about improving the RPM and range? My main desire is for increased range but I understand that's not the easiest of issues to address. Also, is a 7.4 lipo my highest power lipo option? Would have thought a 11.1 may be detrimental!


Many thanks in advance!


Sam :)

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High speed motor, such as G&P M120 motor. That should increase your RPM a bit more than stock. A 7.4v battery should also give the output of a 9.6v NiMH so it should already be reasonable.


Also get someone experienced to shim the rifle's gears. The only thing I have heard bad about CM16s and GR15's is their gears aren't well shimmed. A good shimming will increase your battery efficiency and reduce friction- thus increasing your ROF.


Range, look at getting a better hop unit, rubber and barrel. A Tight bore will increase FPS and accuracy. A new hop rubber with better back spin capabilities (recommend: Mabull SHARK series, Anything systema and A+ Studio REAPS hop rubbers) will increase your range capabilities. A thicker hop nub will also increase your hop potential.


As for hop units, I recommend anything Systema or MadBull for M4's. Especially Systema... very nice metal hop units. Guarder are also good.

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All I would do is get a tighter barrel, go for a 6.01


This will increase your fps because of the higher air pressure due to the smaller space and range is a natural result of higher fps, you'll likely also see better accuracy. If you don't notice an improvement I'll eat my hat.


Ignore people who say you'll get jams, I've been using a 6.01 barrel for about 3 months now and I've not suffered a single jam, not cleaned it at all. Just stick with 1 brand of BB, I use Blasters, and you'll have no issues.


A mere £30 and you're sorted.


If you still want more after that, that's when I'd look at getting a hop upgrade and gearbox work.

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