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  1. So guns up to a £150 budget, Which has now narrowed down my rifle decision to 2 options; A G&G 30th edition rifle, or the PJ4 CASV. Taking any recommendations because im stumped as to which is better in terms of delivery from AW/TG, how well built the guns are and if they wont be lemons on their trek here. Thanks

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      So it looks a good 'un like I said

      Still not sure about front end but it is deffo different to G&G's

    3. RabidNinja64


      Well i hate going against everyone elses opinion for G&G ^_^ (Not really) but if its something that will function properly, wont break down on me in the first 2 weeks and is easy to maintain and change parts should they need it, then PJ4 will be the first rifle i've actually bought for myself, aside from the VFC mp7 and the PX4 :) You've all been a good help and a laugh, so should i need help or guidance, your all first to be pestered! xD

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      bollox - if its not a G&G then you are on ya own sunshine


      just kidding :D

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