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  1. Building my own m4, but buying a complete gearbox; question is, whats the difference between having plastic or metal internals?

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Good quality parts help but mean very little if assembled badly.

      Mediocre bits n bobs will perform very well if assembled correctly. Reckon 25% parts 75% attention to detail or fitting

    3. Adam3088


      Got quite a lot of ZCI stuff in my SCAR now, been very impressed with the quality so far. No idea how well their hop's perform though.

      Also AK2M4 have awesome service (thanks for the motor pete!).

    4. RabidNinja64


      Well i've been holding back on building this thing for quite some time, but since my primarys started failing on me, i kinda figured i needed a new hobby ;) other than that, im fairly experienced in whacking bits and bobs together OUTSIDE of the gearbox. Inside, well.....first time i messed around with a gearbox i ended up selling and ultimate gearbox in pieces for £20......

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