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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This is a King Arms M4, with magpul furniture and an NC Star reflex sight. The original furniture is not included, as the clear plastic was swapped for the Magpul furniture before I acquired it. The original sight rail is included, along with some of the original fittings/allen keys. I'm selling this as I no longer skirmish, I've never actually used this one as it is currently slightly over power - it will need a bit of work to replace the spring. I haven't skirmished in a couple of years in fact, so I'd definitely suggest giving it a once over - the last time I tested it, it worked fine bar being over power. This sale does not include any magazines or batteries - the reflex sight does require a new battery.


    Macclesfield, Cheshire - GB

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This is an A&K Dragonuv, which I have modified with the AirsoftPro CZ spring, cylinder & hop up system - as well as replaced the barrel with a MadBull tightbore. I haven't skirmished in a couple years no, so I would suggest chronographing and testing the seals - but it worked the last time it was tested and was about 450. I've included the five additional springs I got whilst fine tuning the FPS originally, as well as 3 low capacity magazines. It has a side mounted scope rail and an enlarged cocking handle (it's affixed with epoxy resin, so getting it off will be almost impossible - but cocking the rifle without it is a chore). As with any spring sniper rifle, it is finnickity and was a chore/labour of love/nightmare but the few times I did skirmish with it after completing the work were wonderful - even just using iron sights was enough to outmatch most opponents. I do also have a black hawk dropleg platform (green) and a magazine pouch (tan) that will hold two of these magazines, which I can throw in with the package. I'd suggest using heavier BB's with it (be careful if you change the springs), I found it performed best with .30/.36.


    Macclesfield, Cheshire

  3. Checked the rocket valve just in case, that's functioning. The ruined nozzle return springs will definitely not be helping, but I messed them up when I first tried to fix it!
  4. Will be trying to put this back together on Friday or Saturday, hopefully - if not, then next week. Looks like it might be the sear or the disconnect lever causing the issue.
  5. The KWA online store does, else ask Patrol Base, see if they have them in or can order them in?
  6. Slept now since then, will get spare parts and have a crack at fixing my monstrosity first!
  7. Cheers for the advice, but it is way too late now, it's a few months old, has been a little bit battered in the field and I know that it's missing one small spring (part 82), which I lost. If I'd clocked on that it was faulty in the first week or two, sure - can't be bothered to go through the hassle of trying to prove that it wasn't my fault. (Especially since some of the wear and such most definitely is my fault!) I work in supply, if not directly in retail and I know how fantastically annoyed I would be if someone tried to return this gun after the time I've had it.
  8. Not so much recently destroyed, as "came broken and now I've disassembled it I've given up hope and called it a bad do" - my glock is a write off, something repeatedly causes it to short stroke and jam - took it apart and can't find the fault. To the boneyard with you. (Pretty sure it's in the hammer group.) I've got one project gun, don't need a second project fixer upper!
  9. Dismantled, can't spot the fault and I'm not about to start filing random parts - will probably sell as a boneyard and move on.
  10. Haven't taken it apart yet, but pushing the magazine up caused it to immediately and catastrophically vent on the first shot!
  11. Hello, My guns are a fun bag of broken at the moment! My KSC G17 is essentially brand new, though it looks battered to all hell externally after a particularly brutal woodland game spent tripping, falling and scraping. The gun has an issue where it fires one or two shots, and then locks up part way on the return to battery - which causes it to gas out. I've tested/cleaned and stripped everything in the slide and bar the fact I now need to replace the nozzle springs due to my own mandhandling, everything there was A-OK. (The nozzle still moves smoothly, but I'm aware both springs are kinked now and should be replaced.) The telling thing is that with an empty magazine, no gas - if I hold down the magazine release and rack the gun with the trigger held - the gun sticks about half way on the return to battery - every time. From what I've been able to tell on various threads and forums, this sounds like a problem with part numbers 81 or 87? http://www.airsoftevents.com/medias/images/G17.jpg Any help would be appreciated, especially if I am wrong - my current thought is that part 66/67 might be putting unwanted pressure on 81?
  12. Ended up needing to trim it slightly, about half a turn in all - brought it down to just below 500fps consistently. Lost a screw for the oversized hand guard, which I need to seriously work on to make secure - but other than that it performed flawlessly!
  13. Cheers for the advice, will leave it cocked for as long as I can - but I'm playing in about 4-5 hours
  14. Tried padding the o-ring groove of the 'new' piston with PTFE, as well as the screw holding the bearing but it still leaked - can't see any scratches on the rim and my second attempt at padding out the o-ring left it unable to even fit into the cylinder, so I'll probably look at getting a new one. Meanwhile, applied PTFE to the hop rubber where it meets the barrel and that has improved the air seal of the barrel enormously. I don't think the cylinder head and the hop up rubber are forming a perfect seal - but it's currently pegging 500 very reliably. I now need to trim the spring slightly to bring it down to more like 480/490 - it is occasionally wandering over the 500 mark. (I now both love and detest PTFE tape, fiddly damn stuff. I thought grub screws were bad...)
  15. Well I swapped the piston for the stock one, and realized quite how bad the seal on the 'new' one was. The O ring on it must just be totally the wrong size. FPS is now 500 with a 150ms spring, I'm going to take off the new brass spring guide and replace it with the stock one as it's a better fit for a 150 spring - then open up the hop and add a bit of PTFE to keep it sealed nice and tight. Will post how it goes The fun and tribulations of setting up a sniper...
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