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  1. I'd appreciate any feedback on A) my little brothers game footage at Bunker 31's "big game" on the 12th of April in Aberdeen and B) my editing skills. Trying to get a joint channel started for me and him. The name "TheMurphinator" was my brothers idea due to his ridiculous obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger... Let me know!

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    2. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      I'd shelf the music. Having the briefing in is okay with me. Music kind of gets in the way,especially the really epic stuff you have in,I don;t really see it adding much to the experience. I'd reccomend to,if you can afford it in the near future,to get a zoom cam sinze youtube,even at 1080p shafts video quality which makes targets hard to see. Check out our own AirsoftEd's vids to see a model video in my eyes,maybe less the commentary

    3. DEDSEC


      The music was purely for the viewers errections. I watched a lot of Jet Desert Fox and other "popular" airsofters for inspiration and scenes where epic music played people seemed to comment with "4:38 was soooo epic" etc. So for a first video is pretty much all out to get a good gauge on what to do with the rest of the footage from that day.

    4. PT247


      have a look at BodgeUps channel too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCShkxMWRR9Hk72YWatDOwXQ I have his old camcorder :-)