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  1. have a question to anyone who owned a KWA RM4 front wired, I'm curious if i would be able to rear wire the gun and install mosfet in it. Im a bit worrier because selector plate is strange looking and would it work with the mosfet?

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    2. Katana


      I have looked into this. You can order a replacement buffer tube from KWA's website that has the RM4A1 buffer tube with the wire going under the buffer and into the stock.

    3. Archer


      Email John at JTAC Custom - he is very good with KWA ERG AEG's - he may even have some of the buffer tubes in stock.

    4. matas17


      @Katana yea i found em last night but the stock tube always seems to be out of stock.
      @Archer i will try and email and see if he has any. Thanks.