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  1. Gonna order some film kit for my phone tomorrow. £26 total for the kit (Mini-Tripod, 10000mAh external battery and a fisheye/wide angle lens). Looks like I won't need a proper camera for another while seeing as the iPhone 5 camera is pretty decent (Not so much for sound recording, but picture and film quality is damn good). All I'll need is a BB-proof protective case for the phone itself, which would probably be more expensive than the rest of the kit.

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    2. Yawns


      Wait, Will this be used like a GoPro? or just for recording shots on the field?

    3. Caliber


      Not like a GoPro yet. Maybe at one point if I opt out of getting a Contour. For now it'll be used for parkour videos and firing test videos.

    4. Lord_Metile


      Sj4000 m8. Contour is good though.

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