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    Really what I need is the adjustment lever / arm inside the thing as I've busted mine, but I'm happy to buy the whole unit. I need the same model as this one Price inclusive of postage to Christchurch, Dorset would be appreciated. Many thanks! -Jonathan


    Christchurch, Dorset - GB

  2. Nah, I've totally wrecked this one. I think because I was too thick to get how the hop up arm worked with the adjustment wheel, so with my figuring out how it worked i've worn down that little bit on the lever that slots into the wheel. Like I said you live, you learn. Though to be honest a few minutes thought could have saved me a bit of hassle. Thanks Nick and Monkeywrencher for helping but this one's beyond rescue. I can't find replacement hop up levers so ordered a Lonex hop up. At £15 delivered it's not an outrageous price to pay for this lesson
  3. Hi Nick. Yep, I see that groove now. I think what's happening is that the little plastic nub on the back of the hop up arm should slot into that groove but now I'm convinced that it's been worn down and unable to slot into the groove on the adjustment wheel. Probably because of me messing about trying to get it all back together again. You live, you learn. So I guess it's now time to get another hop up unit. From what I'm reading a Lonex seems to be the way to go. Metal this time!
  4. Thanks for replying. I mean with it disassembled and out of the gun the hop-up arm doesn't physically move. There's a spring under the end of the hop up arm that's nearest the rotary dial and I imagine it's job is to push that end up so the other end goes down and pushes the nub into the hop up rubber. I just can't see the rotary dial doing anything whatsoever.
  5. Hi all. I've got a G&G Raider 2.0E L with a G&G rotary hop up exactly like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZRmDjd3PnA I've flat hopped this thing but find that the hop up's arm appears to be stuck. I can turn the adjustment wheel round and round either clockwise or anticlockwise and while it clicks with each adjustment the arm itself doesn't move up or down. Have I busted it somehow?
  6. Different site each time - South Coast CQB the first time and Ironsight yesterday. It did occur to me that one chrono would read differently to another but I do want to go back to Ironsight. I'm still blown away by the leap in velocity from just wrapping the bucking. Thanks for the advice on spring compression I'll give that a go. Since I made the first post I've read about short stroking including this thread with what I feel is some great information from Sitting Duck. If I understood it right then removing one tooth from the sector gear and piston rack could get me the reduction I need while keeping it near 350. I don't have a chrono - yet. I realise I should get one before I start fooling around with springs and gears to fine tune the thing. I'm apprehensive though of permanently changing the gears like that when playing around with the cheaper and more easily replaceable spring seems like a wiser place to start. I'm no airsoft tech but I do like to get stuck into things, learn how they work, make my own mistakes, etc etc. So would it be a decent strategy to try the following in order....? - spring compression - cut the spring - short stroke Thanks again.
  7. I might be exaggerating just a wee bit. Short version of the story is I got my G&G Raider CM16 2.0 chrono'd at a game today and it averaged out at about 357fps which made it too hot for the 350fps site limit. About four weeks ago it chrono'd at 298fps. All I've done since then is I've cleaned, polished and teflon tape wrapped the inner barrel, flat hopped and then teflon taped the hop-up bucking. The only thing that could have changed its fps is (I think!) the bucking wrapping. Now, I got the gun upgraded with an M100 spring when I bought it. I'd like to keep the spring but chop it down a little bit at a time until I get an FPS reading that I'm comfortable with. Is there anything I need to be aware of before I do that? I mean, gearbox or piston considerations or anything like that? Thanks!

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    M9 drop-leg holster with double mag storage. I got this from TaiwanGun but having tried it out it's just not for me. It's not been used as such, just tried on. In fact it's not even left the house! All in perfect order as it was when it was delivered last week. Here's the item on TaiwanGun should you like more information... https://www.taiwangun.com/en/holster...eries-black-cs Price is inclusive of 2nd class signed for Royal Mail delivery to any UK address.


    Walkford, Dorset - GB

  9. All good, guys. There's a similar method used for motorcycle wheel alignment and I wondered whether it'd apply here. I'd suspected not otherwise I wouldn't have posted, so thanks taking the time to comment!
  10. Disclaimer: I took up airsoft only about a year ago. I've had my own gun since May. I know enough to know that I know very little and I'm old enough to be OK with that. But I also know that airsoft guns are by their nature inaccurate things. I have flat-hopped my gun after reading, watching and generally learning from the pros. I've cleaned and polished my inner barrel and I've secured it within the outer barrel with Teflon tape. I've checked my air seals from piston, nozzle and hop-up. All seems fine to me. I'm thinking about a way to zero-in my sight that would eliminate *some* of the variables involved. It essentially involves clamping the gun in place, levelling it, then with a string attached to the side rail and also kept level, pull the string to a target centre allowing for the radius from rail to barrel centre. In theory the string path would represent an ideal trajectory that the BB *should* travel. (how long a piece of string is to be determined). The idea then being to adjust the sight to get as tight a grouping to that as possible given the gun's own limitations. In practise though is there any point in going through that effort? If not, why not? I welcome your thoughts, flames, criticism, feedback, general shoeing and eye rolling in my general direction.
  11. ...well, that's me. My first game was in July last year, after years of wanting to get into airsoft. Reasons for me taking so long to start are in my first post (this being my second), and that first game didn't disappoint. Real life got in the way of getting to my second game which was April 20th this year. Tomorrow will be my third. It's a funny thing thinking of the conversation I had with one particular guy at that first game. He warned me I could be starting my journey down the rabbit hole. Before I knew it I'd be getting a gun. Maybe two. Maybe more than two. I kind of knew what I meant - I could sense there was something about this as a hobby that I recognised from years back when I was in the UK Garrison, a Star Wars cosplay club. What was familiar was - the enjoyment of preparing for a game/event, getting new stuff, tweaking what you bought so that it was personalised and right for you, and then getting to a game/event itself and getting involved as much as you want to be. Sharing in the camaraderie and meeting like-minded people that you would otherwise never have met. This fun thing that you take seriously, without being serious. Escapism. Each game in my airsoft journey has been an iteration. First - jeans and hired equipment. Second - camo clothing, own eye pro and a hired gun. Third - and tomorrow - adds a tac-vest, my own gun, three mid-cap mags, a speed loader, 5000 biodegradable BBs (love the planet), two batteries, a charger, a knock-off eotech, a red dot sight protector and just a tiny bit more knowledge. I'm excited for tomorrow's game despite the forecast for rain. If anything I think it'll be all the more fun for it. How far down this rabbit hole have I gone? Not that far yet, but I'm already at the point of no return. If you're at Ground Zero tomorrow, shoot me. I'm the one with the stormtrooper patch. Pew pew. -Jonathan
  12. Hello! I'm Jonathan and it's good to have found these forums. I've had a read through the guides before posting here and I've learned a ton and I hope I've some awareness of the board etiquette here. I've been keen to get into airsoft for quite some time now though have played only once so far - back in July last year! I'm 45 and have a young family which (joyfully) takes up most of my weekend time and I kind of needed the little ones not being quite so dependent before I'd feel a little less guilty about not spending every minute with them. I mean, they're not needy or anything but I do love spending time with my kids. But my wife and I are at a good time in life where daddy (me) can spend some time out to pursue something for myself. Why airsoft? Many reasons. It'll get me outside where I like to be, it'll get me some exercise, it's complete escapism to recharge from work (which is fairly pressured) and it's an excuse to buy toys. Last year's game at Ground Zero Airsoft near Ringwood was everything I'd hoped it to be. When I got there, there were probably about 150 people all properly kitted out leaving me wondering what I'd gotten myself into, but there was a clear sense of camaraderie and no question of welcoming newbies like me. I'm heading back there next week for the Saturday game in what I hope will be the start of fairly frequent games, though if I get a game a month I'll be doing well. I'm going to be better kitted out this time than last year's jeans and t shirt and no hydration other than the water I kept in the car, but not overboard on equipment just yet. Decent boots, camo legwear, t shirt, eye protection and lower face mesh guard will do me just fine for now and I'll get a gun in a couple of months. I've narrowed my choice down to a G&G CM16 Raider though in the meantime I'll be happy enough hiring a gun from Ground Zero. Not Ground Zero's full face mask, though. It did a good job of keeping my face intact but that thing was like a sauna in last year's July heat. Thanks all!
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