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  1. Fire support all the way , wouldn't ever ever buy a gun from patrol base , consumables maybe but not willing to go through that experience again
  2. Thank God I found him, was instrumental in resolving a dispute with a major UK airsoft retailer. You won't find a more dedicated tech that really looks after his customers
  3. Had one fitted to an arcturus Ak and the difference was amazing. Currently my new lct is having one fitted as part of it's dmr upgrades
  4. Only used it in game a couple of times but I will make time to strip and clean it next week before the next Game day (should clean it after every game I know🙄)
  5. Cheers for the advice , hadn't really considered transition time ,it's a valid point .The Glock is a doable option and I've ordered in a drop leg holster as I don't like the fit of the Beretta in the chest mounted one I currently have. Will have a look at a Glock 👍
  6. Evening peeps Right hopefully I'm posting this in the right section. l picked up an lct G3 SG-1 to replace the lemon arcturus ,and it's currently at the tec's for a bit of dmr' love😎. The impending 30 meter minimum engagement distance is now making me consider my options for a backup/secondary pew . l run an early tm m9 Beretta and as lovely as it is it ain't the most accurate bit of kit ( that might be down to my aim ) I'm thinking along the lines of a back slung shotty ,but have no clue as to the effective range of them 🤔 .So the burning question is is a shotty going to be effective to 30 meter's? And any recommendations , budget round about £100 max. Cheers Andy
  7. Going 😁 , it's a fair old drive but I love acid drop and all my regular crew are chomping at the bit to try this one out.
  8. Final update. Be warned it's long It should be way longer but I'm going to try to keep it as brief as possible A fairly long and detailed email with a link to Negative Airsoft's YouTube video was duly sent to one of Patrol base's director's. He responded very quickly apologizing for the problems and service I had received from patrol base . As he was at the time away on business he would instruct his general manager find out what had gone so very wrong with my order, and contact me to explain what had happened and hopefully find a way to resolve the dispute. The chat with the GM didn't go quite as I expected .I was quite prepared for an argument. He started off by unreservedly apologizing and held their hands up to the shocking catalogue of fuck up's lock stock and barrel.(no pu intended) They would do basically anything I wanted to put it right ,refund, or if I wanted to keep it they could renumerate me for repairs and inconvenience, I didn't have to decide on the spot so took a couple of days to think it over. A couple of days later I decided if they would cover the repairs the gun needed after I received it back from them I would cut my losses and take the refund .I fired of an email with a breakdown of expenditure on the gun and the subsequent repair and postage costs , I did add I had considered buying an lct G3 but the £400 price tag for a first gun I deemed too steep and opted instead for the arcturus (oh the irony ) with what I'd spent I could have bought one. The reply from the GM came a day or so later saying patrol base had just that day taken delivery of lct's entire range and would I like to pick a G3 from the range as a replacement for the arcturus .The cost price of the G3 would be less than the refund but yes I was interested. That's when things went south again . The lct's started appearing on the site ...Ak after Ak until after a week one solitary AR G3 (not my cup of tea) appeared, after a few more days with no more G3's on-site I rang patrol base to find out if and when the rest of the range would go on the website, I explained I was in contact with the GM and had a gun going back to them for exchange, he didn't know but could ask the GM as he was in the building .He returned saying the GM will ring me back as he wants a chat. Five days later and no return call ,yet another email is fired off and I get a call from the GM apologizing for not getting in touch sooner ,the entire G3 range was now on line just let him know which one I want and he'd arrange a courier to collect the Arcturus. Logged on the website and .....nope no G3's checked again later that afternoon and at last all of them had appeared . Promptly emailed my preferred model back to the GM and waited for his response ......to be fair I waited almost another week before I gave up emailed again saying I was no longer interested in an exchange and wanted a refund ,but this time cc'd the director in ( got a response in minutes) . The Ak was collected Monday The refund was issued today. They got there in the end Patrol base Great website Good range of gear Great prices Comms are a nightmare seriously appalling
  9. Update pending (yes this cluster fuck is still rumbling along)
  10. After watching a few tech video's I decided pulling anything with that many little bits and pieces is best left to those who know what they're doing lol, provided they actually do what they say. Luke's my gun guru now 😉 trust him 100%
  11. Yes mate I have😂 boring he ain't
  12. That's the plan 👍 The only good thing to come out of this mess is finding Luke ,the guy's a legend
  13. Well their getting one last chance to rectify the situation,a detailed emails going off to one of the owner's probably tonight.The manufacturer MOS, and the distributor Arcturus tactical, are aware of the situation with the dustcover and have confirmed it's not one of theirs and shouldn't be on the Rif. They have requested I keep them informed of developments with the retailer. It's up to them really, put it right or blitzkrieg by bad press I'll be honest ,I'm not holding my breath
  14. I loath taking people to task , however take the piss to the extent patrol base have and well ,let's just say they now have my full attention. When mistakes happen it's best practice to apologize and make good, the guys at patrol base obviously in this case have so far opted for a different strategy , unfortunately they're shit at this as well. I will fire off an email to one of the owner's and see what the response is .......I will keep you posted 🤔
  15. The comments on the YouTube video suggest the barrel issues may not be an isolated case .The shoddy service and sheer bullshiting that's gone on are all down to patrol base . The worrying thing is had the barrel assembly been tightened up I would have assumed the gun was in good order and not double checked the repair job with an independent tech. How many other "repair" jobs have had the same treatment?
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