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  1. Well ,Wednesday update .....nothing back from them yet...will give them till the end of play tomorrow and then I'll start chasing them up😒
  2. The mobile number on the tag is something to remember in the future🤔thanks Rodger
  3. Sort of did that too ,tied a luggage tag to the trigger guard with the return number on it so hopefully that will help👍
  4. Update 1 PB customer service just rang (polite lad) asking what exactly was wrong with the gun. Gave them an account of what's what,and explained that everything is in writing with the paperwork in the box ,he hasn't been given that 🤔....the gun will be looked at in the next few days in the workshop and I should know by Wednesday what's gonna happen next.
  5. I'll keep updating this ,they took receipt of the Arcturus on Wednesday according to rm tracking ,yet to hear a thing but I am optimistic they will sort this looking at the amount of positive reviews they have 🤞
  6. Cheers Ed, Tried everything I could think of mate, selector, mag,visual inspection , battery change, begged it ,pleaded with it , then swore at it lots and gave up. The front end wobble is probably pissing me off the most if I'm honest ,if it was a second hand Rif I would expect a few flaws but not on a brand new gun. My oppo bought the same rifle from them the week before and his is rock solid. Don't get me wrong I don't dislike the gun ,if it worked and the front end didn't flex about I'd be as happy as a pig in shit with it.
  7. Not a clue ,squeezed four rounds off on the range on the way out for a game ,the fifth round didn't happen 🤔 trigger solid ,spring tension release switch solid ,and that was the end of my day. The front end of the rifle from the receiver forward seems loose and rocks around a bit . Not too impressed at the moment
  8. Ordered my first gun Tuesday ,delivered Monday ,broke Sunday, shipped back Monday🙄
  9. Hello all , Three visits to my local skirmish site (absolute Airsoft Reading ) and I'm hooked
  10. Not filling me with confidence this thread, Took delivery of my first gun an arcturus ak-02 last Monday ,got a half a day of skirmishing out of it on Sunday before it locked up solid The whole front end from the receiver forward is a little loose and rocks around annoyingly . Shipped it back yesterday morning for inspection ,...this could get messy
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