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    Basically like new never been skirmished just chronoed with about 50 rounds fired through her bought this last year to build a dmr stuck a scope and what not bought a new spring and bucking had plans to do the rest and just not got around to it at all just don't have the time anymore as I don't have an aeg I just need somthing to pew pew with when I decide to play. This gun is a beast and weighs alot as it is full metal please be aware about this. Also it fired at 380fps stock when I got it so it is hot unless you change it to single fire only So ideally after a swap but will sell for cash can post next day tracked delivery for a fiver Comes with scope and grip also new spring and bucking everything on the pics except the lipo battery but original nunchuck is included


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    Had the vsr for just under a year now and its literally seen 2 skirmishes and had around 500 bullets fired through it gun has had most upgrades available on the market this thing throws 0.2s at 485-490 fps and 0.43s at 360-370 (do the math) gun is faultless i self built this my self doing all the tech work my self and set out on a mission to create a beast thing is i actually dont use it as much as i should because im just plane shit with it (honest as can be) and still use my aeg more and after using my friends dmr in the last game i want to create one of them now so onto the next project i go Gun needs nothing all it needs is to be zero'd in again as the scope came off during the paint job......easy job i would do this my self but having moved house and having a tiny back garden this isnt viable at home. the flash on my camara has made the paint job look super bright its actually not its more like the picture of the mk23 Upgrades as cut up new pillow stuffed stock (lol) Maple Leaf Autobot 70deg Maple Leaf Concave nub Action Army Spring Guide M150 spring (was firing at 560fps so was cut down) Action Army 90deg piston Action Army Silver Streak 6.03mm Match Tightbore Precision Inner Barrel Action Army VSR Rifle Replacement Hop Unit - CNC Aluminium Action Army Sniper Barrel Spacers Action Army VSR Scope Rail S trigger 90deg Scope Bipod everything in the pictures is included The bar 10 Gun Bag one full bag and a half bag of geoff 0.43s (aprox 1500 bullets) 3x mags ASG Mk23 ( this thing is 1 skirmish old and had around 2 mags full of bullets through it) (matching paintjob) with the suppressor this fires around 400fps and throws the 0.43s to ample distances too also fires around 340 without silencer so must chrono depending on site limits New prices roughly the gun costs 100-130 extra mags around £20 upgrades in the region of 300 ish pistol around 40-60 about 30 quid worth of bullets but this is not new as it has been used so £300 seems fair in my eyes? Price includes paypal fees + postage Literally i dont think there is a more perfect bundle for a starter that actually wants to be able to hit things or somebody that wants to try a sniper out them selfs then this bundle i can also offer this thing on a next day delivery to anywere in the uk tracked for a fiver so im not even ripping anybody off there the gun barrel will be seperated from the stock to allow it to fit in a nice box offers welcome silly offers will be ignored swaps are more than welcome too (dmr related or somthing along the lines of a evo / trident spr)


    manchester - GB


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    Looking for a kc02 or asg variant as title says. Give me a pm, money waiting for the right gun. I would prefer a standard one but upgrades are welcome and not to offend anybody but no i wont be paying over the odds for a used gun, if i have no luck with this i will just buy a new one in the upcoming weeks Can collect if local to Manchester Thankyou


  4. I have a cracking idea lads, its called TwoTonebutRifsrwelcome Airsoft 9.0 but at this moment in time i cant disclose my actual idea, Its on a need to know basis (in the clouds) but if anybody wants a link to my professional portfolio and website its https://www.i'mfullofshit.co.nothanks Feel free to pm me if anybody is interested in just running the whole thing for me.
  5. Always worth doing mate, pisses me off when i aim and it doesn't go were i want it lol Yes mate you will always need to be redoing to some extent going onto new/different guns, because you might even need to adjust the hop up too
  6. My way is to get a medium sized cardboard box, then draw a make shift target on some paper. Then stick it to the box and put a old t shirt lined in the back so it catches the bb's Plonk it around 20m or so and Fire off a few rounds see were there heading, then just dial it in by half turns. And if its completely out, go a full turns. Done it this way now on 4 guns and it really takes me 5-10mins max to get it nearly absolutely perfect. I know people usually rest the gun completely still but i found it difficult to always find something to balance it on! lol
  7. Would have to be the best of both worlds for me, got to be the scorpion evo, that thing is a beast. In fact its my next purchase!
  8. just wee'd a little reading this lol......
  9. Invasion airsoft in Stockport its full of brilliant guys mate, they also have an outdoor venue in Macclesfield. First and only, the mill in Wigan is brilliant and also the Anzio camp leak is absolutely epic if you can drive, all absolute mint days out. Also heard there's one up Oldham ways too, not been though so cant really say if its decent or not.
  10. I will have to have a gander tonight when I'm back home from work mate. I would probs prefer a full face tbh, I value it ☺ Thanks for the help! Really Appreciate it. I actually wore my mx gloves mate but they dont have much paddin, mays well of wore nothing. So defo going to grab something else. Will need to defo find somewhere with masks and stuff in stock for me to try on if they have display models, suppose it will all fall into place one way or another. Guns wise, I took a trip down to patrol base (although masks certainly wasn't on my mind while I first there) and fell in love with the krytac vector and the black rose g&g gr4 g26. Without sounding much like a twat money isn't much of a problem so not to fussed on the price. I regularly do mx/Enduro, downhill mountain biking, pc gaming, 1/5th scale petrol rc...I could literally go on. so I'm use to expensive hobbies Don't get me wrong though I don't really want to jump straight in to the deep end I'll take my time once I get my first gun. I like to build stuff up over time rather than in one go. Thanks for the reply anyway mate ☺
  11. Thanks for the welcomes people. Definitely with you on some gloves mate getting shot in the knuckle hurts a lot 😂 I'm a little stuck on Eyewear though, as I wear prescription glasses. I will need something that goes nicely over the top of those, the mesh masks wasn't fun put it that way.
  12. Hello everybody, hope all is well i'm Mr Corporal Toast, Based in Greater Manchester, (Hyde) to be exact. always fancied getting into airsoft just never got around to it, went my first game on the Sunday just gone with my friend at the mill Wigan (F&O). Anyway after coming away with my ass shot to hell and a bruised/borderline broken knuckle and hefty bruise on the elbow, i think i am hooked, as crazy as it sounds. I Am already looking towards the next game, but definitely fancy some protective gear, so any recommendations is a bonus! cant be doing with another black knuckle... Anyway i Really enjoyed the cqb side...it was hectic experience to say the least... but just about to book with my friend for the Anzio camp next month to see what the its like outdoors.....cant wait! Hope All is well with everybody anyway hopefully i will get to know a few of yous and see you out in the battlefield. Got my first stamp and membership with F&O and counting down that UKARA to get my own gun. which i already have in mind haha anyway i'm just rambling on now so HI HI HI HI HI BYE BYE BYE .... for now cheers.  
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