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  1. I really want to get into sniping. Dunno if my dad would let me sell my galil so soon though.

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    2. Teo


      I bloody missed out on an asg ashbury for £180. I was raging.

    3. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      Aside from the pretty externals it's standard sh*tty VSR internals that need work OOTB and it's heavy as f*ck to boot. The mag also LOVES to prematurely ejaculate if you roughly handle it when loading. It's more of a show piece than a skirmish gun,that said It's VSR compatible so You can get it shooting amazingly. But,money.

    4. M_P


      Vsr compatible to some extent. It's very finicky on parts, won't take some pdi stuff including cylinders. That said at that price it's a steal

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