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    King arms galil sar. Kwa usp compact. De m56 tri shot. Well vz61 scorpion.
    De m50 sniper. G&P m870
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    US military kitbash. Looks abit like a pj or ranger kit
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    Lisburn, Northern Ireland
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  1. Grrr. Ordered a battery from 35 miles away and it still hasn't arrived five days after ordering. Bloody bullseye country sport. I hate them with a passion.

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    2. Hibernator


      Yes - I get mine from www.giantshark.co.uk/ although sometimes I have to solder on a new connector depending on the battery. Dirt cheap though :)

    3. Dan_W


      It took 3 days for them to deliver and I thought that was fair enough. Then I realised when it came that I had driven within 5 miles of it the day I ordered it.

    4. Lambster