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  1. Any got a link to a 10” M4 Barrel that I can fit a traditional triangle sight post to? Cheers.

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    2. Teo


      Cheer anyway mate. Yeah it’s the fire support one I’ve seen but dunno, since it’s doesn’t have grooves, if it’ll be able to fit a triangle front sight 

    3. Lozart


      I'm going to guess that the G&P one DOES have slots for triangle sights but that the angle of the photo doesn't show them, BUT the 5KU one definitely does: https://www.mlemart.com/5ku-10-inch-outer-barrel-for-m4-aeg-14mm-ccw/

    4. Teo


      Thanks a bunch mate for finding that 5KU one. Will most likely go for it.

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