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  1. Royal Mail security has grabbed my pistol for further scanning being delivered to me. Was sent on the 7th and they grabbed it on the 10th. Am I screwed?

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    2. hitmanNo2


      I'd try and get on the phone to RM (ha) and find someone that knows their arse from their elbow.  Very possible they could destroy it without swift intervention.

    3. Teo


      I’ve been on the phone to about 6 different people. No one knows exactly where it is.

    4. Nick G

      Nick G

      Get the Paypal refund sorted. The seller is a moron, I regularly send bits for work and they ALWAYS ask what's in it, even if you use the self service thing it shows you a list of prohibited items and asks you co confirm that the contents are not prohibited. So he has lied to RM, the likelihood is that it will be seized and destroyed. 

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