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  1. Hooked on snowboarding. Question is; can I afford 2 hobbies!?

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    2. Cheeky vimto

      Cheeky vimto

      What's the flight prices like when taking your own gear?

    3. NickM


      Last time I flew and took kit it was £10 or something extra for a board bag, (I had a fairly large bag so it took 2 boards, 2 sets of bindings and 2 pairs of boots) I was going for 4 months so had a cruising board and a slightly smaller park board). Mind you that was years ago. If you avoid school holidays its actually much more reasonable. My advice would be start with some of the smaller resorts, go for self catering and work on economies of scale.

    4. NickM


      Some friends came out while I was on my season, they rented a 6 bed self catered flat in Meribel Village. On the outskirts of the much larger Meribel resorts. They got fairly cheap flights from Southampton to Grenoble which is a 4 hour drive away from the resort and hired an MPV for the week (worked out much cheaper than 6 return coach seats or a private transfer company). Plus it meant they could drive down the mountain to the super u at the bottom and stock up on beer and supplies cheaper t...